5 Ways to Know if Your Fence is Ruined

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When we set up fence in our homes, we expect them to last for a longer time duration. In spite of the fact that most fences are quite durable and can survive tough weather yet there can be situations which the fence can’t handle. Leaning fences or broken panels or dents here and there – Does it mean that your fence needs replacement or repairs?  In such cases expert advice from Fence Contractors in Richardson is advisable. Here are a few signs which will tell if your fence is really damaged:

 Wooden Panels Broken – Broken wooden panels in your fence are something which happens quite too often. Fortunately, these broken panels can be repaired easily if done within a limited time period. However, if left unchecked the wood might get ruined causing further problems. Sometimes, the breakage is beyond repair and require replacements instead.

  1. Aluminium Dents – Dents can be caused in the aluminum fence if something heavy falls on the fence or a car gets too close to the fence. These dents can scratch off the rust protectant layers applied on the fence. Hence, making the fence vulnerable to further damage in the coming time. It is best to get the protective layer reapplied in time
  2. Leaning fence – If you see your fence leaning to one side it can be due to the rain, wind or snow. Moreover, leaning fences are also caused by shifting ground. As a result of this, the structural integrity of the fence gets weakened with the passage of time. If there is a slight leaning it can be repaired but overall leaning definitely needs replacement. Get in touch with professionals alike Richardson Roofing Pro.
  3. Rotting of wood – One or two rotten wooden panels is understandable but witnessing a majority of wooden panels getting rotten means serious issues. Rotting can be seen where the fence is closest to the ground because this is the place where moisture gets sustained. Rotting in some parts can be avoided by applying preservative regularly. However, if you see rotting becoming a generalized phenomenon then it might be time for a replacement.
  4. Expensive Repairs – When you have just put up your fence then repairs are rare and minor. With the passage of time, climate and other elements take a toll on your fence. After a certain time period, when you see the repairs are getting costlier, at that time it’s wiser to push in for replacement.

Still unsure whether you should go for repairs or a full fledged replacement? Choose from amongst top-most Richardson Fence Contractors who can guide you.