A Quick Guide While Installing A New Roof

When you plan to install a new roof, it’s always better to know a few crucial things about roofing, installation and importance of roofing. A proper roof not only gives you shelter but also protects you from extreme weather conditions and provides insulation.

Why a good quality roof is important?

  • Proper Ventilation: A good quality roof helps in maintaining an appropriate temperature inside your home. In an old roofed house, hot and cold air might be trapped inside the house causing a load on heating and cooling systems.
  • Heat Reflection: There are some roofing systems which help in reflection of heat. This reduces the burden on the cooling systems during summers. Additionally, it also helps in saving electricity bills.
  • Protection against strong winds: A strong roof with high quality shingles will protect your home from thunderstorms and in harsh windy days.

 Things to keep in mind during roofing installation

 Before you Head on to roofing installation. There are few basics about roofs which will help you improve your decision making while getting the roof installed from professional Richardson Roofing Company

The upper part of the roof is called as roof covering. The roof covering has shingles over it and it protects the home against strong winds, rains, etc. Shingles used can be of asphalt, cedar or tile. Flashing helps to prevent water from entering the roof. The materials used in flashing are generally felt, metal, plastic or rubber.

The bottom part of the roof is decking. The roof decking is fixed to rafters of home and it helps in forming a foundation. And the layer just above it is called underlayment. Underlayment helps in protection of the plywood deck.

Nonetheless, it is always best to take guidance from the professional RichardsonRoofingPro who can give a step by step guide for roofing installation.

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