When do you need to replace asphalt shingle roof?

Having a strong roof over your head is important but what is even more important to make sure that it stays there for long.  Well, you don’t need to be proficient, every roofing company in Richardson TX suggest regular check and inspection. If you keep the following tips on your radar you would know when you need to repair or replace or roof:- 

  • The age of your roof- It’s essential for you to know the age of your roof. In case your roof is more than 25 years old, it’s time to contact your roofing contractor to help you repair or replace the roof as required.
  • Curling and Buckling of shingles– Another critical thing that you must take note is whether the shingles are curling or buckling up. In case you notice any such thing, contact your roofing partner, it makes your roof vulnerable to leakage and environmental attacks.
  • Missing Shingles- This is an easy sign, you can immediately notice if the shingles are missing. If there is a small patch of missing shingles, you can ignore it, but, in case the patch is more significant, you need to contact the roofing contractor for roof repair or replacement as required.
  • Granules in the gutter– If you have a newly installed asphalt roof and you notice shingles, it’s okay, these are just the extra ones shedding off, but in case the roof is 10 -15 years old, and you start seeing granules in the gutter, it’s a warning sign. Shedding of granules from old asphalt roof makes the roof more prone to heating thus deteriorating the quality of asphalt roof.
  • If you notice most on the roof- Well, it’s a common thing and not much of worry, but most of the roofing companies would advise you not to start off cleaning the roof by yourself, you may clean it but at the same time, you may get rid of granules of the roof as well. It’s better to take advice of the roofing company for the same.
  • Roof Sagging – Well, this is a structural issue and needs immediate attention. It weakens the roof and also may put your roof in danger. It’s better to contact the roofing company to get it repaired.

So make sure that you have a regular check of your roof and check for the signs mentioned above.  

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